Four Seasons

Value: $54 Million: Hurricane Lenny Renovations; $34 Million: Hurricane Omar Renovations; $22 Million: Owner Upgrades

Location: Nevis, West Indies

The Four Seasons project was a thorough rebuild and renovation of the facility after it was unfortunately struck by Hurricane Omar in 2008.  The scope of work included complete renovations of the Great House which included 3 extravagant ballrooms, meeting rooms, a business center, kid’s club, store, kitchens, accounting and receiving areas.  The work also included 12 Cottage Buildings, Mango Restaurant, the Pool restaurants and beach facilities, 2 world class swimming pools, multiple mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades, and hardscapes.  The Four Seasons Nevis is consistently ranked within the top 5 Caribbean Resorts and is well known for its outstanding 5 star quality and craftsmanship, all of which were achieved on this project.  The project was also a fast paced project that finished in approximately 1 year and also included workforces and materials from around the globe. PDG was the acting Construction Manager that managed all facets of this project from design to construction.