Core Values

Values are not something that can be left out of the equation in the construction industry.  At PDG, if we say we are going to do something, we do it.  Call us old fashioned, but we believe this is how business shall be done.  And guess what?  Our clients love this too.  We strive to keep open and honest communication channels and bring a transparency to the process that helps solidify relationships.  At the end of the day, we are looking for a strong reference.  We believe this is how successful business is done.  

Project Delivery Group believes that when clients, contractors, developers, designers, vendors and other project stakeholders win, the industry and market as a whole improves in morality and wealth.  As a matter of making this belief a reality, PDG enforces three core values to our employees and business partners:

  • Quality - PDG endeavors to deliver the highest quality in products and services to clients. Excellence is the ultimate tenet and most critical goal.

  • Integrity - PDG approaches every project with the understanding that the right thing must be done, all of the time.

  • Loyalty - PDG will go the extra yard to establish long-lasting relationships with clients and other stakeholders, and acknowledges that loyalty is earned, not given.

PDG, as a company of moral individuals working as a team, prides ourselves on serving clients with honesty, discipline, hard work, and, above all, integrity. The bigger picture is always kept in mind; i.e. being a family operation that does quality work, whatever the challenge. PDG values the proper process and safe & healthy working conditions for our customers, business partners, subcontractors, and vendors.

Community Involvement

Project Delivery Group engages in the communities that we operate in working to create a better future for those people, workers, and locations that we have the pleasure to come in contact with.  We do this through a number of ways:

  • Training Programs - In many of the locations that we work in skilled labor is something that is needed. Therefore when we are able to bring in specialty workers, we set up training programs for locals to further develop, learn, and refine their skills in the particular trade. Members of this training program have went on to have fruitful careers in their trades and have even started their own businesses revolving around the trade.

  • Local Purchasing - We strive to ensure that materials for the projects that we are working on are sourced as locally as possible, thus reducing our project's carbon footprint for transportation and providing boosts to the local economy.

  • Give Back Programs - We have organized and participated in programs such as providing Christmas toys to local needy children.

  • Hurricane Aid - We have organized and provided relieve materials to those affected by the devistation of Hurricanes. This includes sending generators to islands such as Anguilla in the wake of Hurricane Irma.