Disaster Restoration Services

During this difficult time, PDG can assist with rebuilding your property.  Project Delivery Group offers firsthand experience in restoring properties affected by devastating acts of God. We can assist our clients in assessing term of business interruption, assisting in negotiations with insurance adjustors, identifying key third party vendors/consultants to assess special systems or damage issues, and overall construction/construction management for the restoration efforts.  Some examples of our experience include restorations from Hurricane Lenny at Four Seasons Nevis, Hurricane Omar at Four Seasons Nevis and Cap Juluca, Hurricane Otto at Cap Juluca, Hurricane Gonzalo at Malliouhana, and Hurricane Irma at Little Dix Bay. Currently we are also working on rebuilding homes in Northern California lost in the wildfires.

Damaged by Hurricane Omar

Damaged by Hurricane Omar and Hurricane Otto

Damaged by Hurricane Gonzolo

Little Dix Bay Rosewood Hotel

Damaged by Hurricane Irma

Westin St Maarten.jpg

Westin St. Maarten

Damaged by Hurricane Irma

Lighthouse at Oyster Bay

Damaged by Hurricane Irma