One of the many things that sets us apart from competitors is our willingness to listen to our clients, understand their concerns, and then tailor our service strategy to meet their needs.  Whether that be detailed program and design management services to estimating services, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver a successful project.  

Program Management, Construction Management, and Contracting Services


Design Management:

Working with our clients, Project Delivery Group analyzes the requirements in order to develop an initial program and  scope of work, help assess the consulting and design needs for the project, procure those design resources, and manage the schedule, quality and content of the product.  PDG has a wide spectrum of peer consulting and design businesses we work with on various projects.    

Pre-construction Management:

PDG defines pre-construction collaboration as creating a blueprint to achieve our client’s vision for the upcoming project. This requires the team to analyze options from technical viewpoints, refine schedules, build a team oriented environment, and develop accurate budgets. This is one of the many places where PDG delivers value. Each project has many roads to success – you define where you want to go and PDG will map the path and carry the project across the finish line.  

Construction Management & Contracting:

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Construction is the core of PDG;  it is what we live and breathe.  We employ a knowledgable and dedicated staff of professionals that take ownership of the projects we have the pleasure of working on.  It is our inherent passion to make PDG projects a success for both our clients and all stakeholders involved. PDG fosters a culture of responsibility and continuous improvement so that everyone involved has ownership in each project’s success. If obstacles rear their ugly heads – inclement weather, unforeseen conditions, design changes, procurement delays, city building restrictions – the PDG team will come up with innovative solutions to keep the project on track and within the allocated budget.

Hurricane Restoration:

During this difficult time, PDG can assist with rebuilding your property.  PDG offers firsthand experience in restoring properties affected by devastating hurricanes that have swept through South Florida and the Caribbean.  We can assist our clients in assessing term of business interruption, assisting in negotiations with insurance adjustors, identifying key third party vendors/consultants to assess special systems or damage issues, and overall construction/construction management for the restoration efforts.  Some examples of our experience include restorations from Hurricane Lenny at Four Seasons Nevis, Hurricane Omar at Four Seasons Nevis and Cap Juluca, Hurricane Otto at Cap Juluca, Hurricane Gonzalo at Malliouhana, and Hurricane Irma at Little Dix Bay.  


PDG provides a full range of estimating services to clients.  The PDG team has the resources  and experience to provide detailed estimates of entire scopes of work and to price the estimate using software solutions including Bluebeam, Timberline, and Earthwork 3D.  PDG provides estimates for owners looking to assess capex or feasibility of a pro forma, general contractors looking to obtain work, subcontractors looking to specialize in a field, and/or owners and architects looking to set budgets.  

Owner Representation:

PDG can represent the owner in the day to day operations of the project overseeing general contractors or subcontractors. Specifically we will define project objectives and plans including delineation of scope, budgeting, scheduling, setting performance requirements, and selecting project participants. We will focus on implementing various operations through proper coordination and control of planning, design, estimating, contracting and construction in the entire process.  We will also develop effective communications and mechanisms for resolving conflicts and bring the project in within the original parameters defined by the owner.  We will ensure a quality product is being built that will be in line with the owner’s requirements.

Traditional Consulting Services:

For a fixed lump sum or a lump over a specific time period PDG can be hired to act in a consulting capacity, where professional services are provided.  Depending on the size and duration, PDG would perform these services using a standard AIA short form consulting agreement, which can be amended to account for required legal terms, insurances and the breadth of professional services being provided.  This delivery method is often employed by clients for acquisitions, due diligence, system or operations optimization, dispute resolution, mediation, estimating, etc.  

Retainer with Variable Hours: 

Similar to traditional consulting, this delivery method simply allows a client to keep PDG’s service “at the ready”.   The retainer includes for a certain number of hours per month of dedicated service to the client, with the option to increase or decrease the hours.  The contract form is typically similar to traditional consulting.

Works in progress


Here are some examples of projects that we are currently working on: